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Leaking Balcony Services

Leaking balconies can be a big problem, but if caught early can be easily fixed. We offer a range of repair services from missing grout, cracked tiles or drummy and hollow sounding tiles, to full balcony re-tiles.

We can often fix your leaking balcony without removing tiles, leaving your balcony with a complete facelift. For most of our clients, we can fix their leaking balcony without having to remove any tiles. A standard SCR service can generally leave your tired and leaking balcony refreshed and ready to use the very next day!

SCR Services for a Balcony Leak Repair

  • Re-grouting of the balcony, using Grout or SCRs Flexible-Epoxy Grout.
  • Tile removal and Repairs or Full Balcony Tiling
  • Industrial waterproof seals
  • Sealing grout and tiles
  • Re-sheeting
  • Laying waterproof membranes
  • High-pressure cleaning of tiles and grout
  • Removal of efflorescence and calcium build-ups
  • Tanking and Screeding to correct falls
  • Anti-Slip application to tiles

Common Causes and Signs of a Leaking Balcony

  • Cracked tiles and missing tiles on a balcony indicate movement and damage to the substrate.
  • The presence of loose or hollow 'drummy' sounding tiles is also a serious sign of a leaking balcony, as this means your tiles are not adhering to the adhesives below, and allowing space for water to pool.
  • Faulty tiling on a balcony can leave your perimeter joints exposed and allow water access to your surrounding walls.
  • Cracked grout, and missing grout of any kind is a sure sign of a leaking balcony and will allow water direct access to your membrane and can cause major and costly damage.
  • Split membrane or damaged membrane can cause your leaking balcony to allow water to penetrate through to the support beams resulting in major damage.
  • Split Seals will also allow water access to perimeter walls.

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For most of our clients we can fix their balcony without having to remove any tiles



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