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10 Useful Tips for Assessing Shower Leaks

If you are unsure whether you have a leaking shower run through this checklist to see if you have a problem:

1- Check If the wall or base grout is cracking;

2- The perimeter silicon seals are split or worn;

3- If you place your index finger over the grout line of two tiles and you feel the tiles vibrating when you knock or tap the tiles;

4- If the tiles are lippy or slightly swollen; (Rough edges)

5- Check the 45* degree lines running towards the drain outlet still have grout inside them;

6- Make sure the wall tiles of your shower rest on top of the base tiles;

7- If your base tiles have been cut to the wall tiles it has been tiled incorrectly;

8- Ensure water does not pool inside the shower base;

9- Check the shower screen glass inside has been sealed water tight;

10- If you have a poly Marble Base ensure it is not cracked.

    Cracked grout | SCR Melbourne

    An image of cracked grout in the base of a shower


    If you have any questions in relation to this guidance or have other symptoms that you wish to have clarified with an expert please contact us or call 1300 00 57 47 to discuss your leaking shower further.

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