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6 Signs It's Time For a Bathroom Renovation

Unless there's something urgent that needs to be dealt with, it's easy to overlook the details in your bathroom when you see it every day, multiple times a day. With the amount of time that you spend in your bathroom, it'd be safe to assume that it's probably one of the most popular rooms in your house, and one that often gets easily overlooked in terms of damage. Here, we've put together a list of the top 6 signs you should look out for to know when it's time to probably get your bathroom renovated!

1. Outdated

Particularly with most Melbourne homes, you'll find that bathrooms can be quite outdated and confused in regards to what era it's trying to identify with. When it comes to renovating your bathroom, most people tend to associate that purely with upgrading and transforming the look of your bathroom. As this is the case for some, this can be done by upgrading your shower, toilet and sink with newer models to match the rest of your home's aesthetic.

2. Lack of Functionality

As humans, we tend to adapt to changes in our environment over time without even knowing it. While this may not always be the case, a perfect example of this is our bathroom and its functionality. If you're finding that things are no longer being put back to its original spot, you're unable to open a drawer due to the fact that it's at full capacity, or your bathroom door is hitting the toilet seat every time you enter, then it's probably a sign that it's time to remodel your bathroom. Bathroom renovations don't need to be extravagant, small maneuvers such as adjusting the position of your faucet and toilet could completely change the whole look, feel and functionality of your bathroom.

3. Mould and Scum

A huge sign that shouldn't be ignored when it comes to having your bathroom renovated is mould and scum. If you're constantly struggling to get the grime out of your bathroom tiles, then that should be an indicator in itself that it's time for a change. While mould and scum not only looks filthy and gross, if your bathroom is covered in it, then the chances of it affecting your health are quite high and may have the possibility of having an adverse effect on your wellbeing.

4. Outgrown Space

If you've had your house for a while now, the chances of the bathroom that used to perfectly cater for you and your partner will most likely not be able to cater for a couple of children as well. Just as your family grows, so should your bathroom to cater for all of your family's needs. Whether it be needing to adjust the bathroom's space, improvements to practicality and functionality, or height alterations - bathroom renovations are necessary when there are more people using it.   

5. Old Plumbing

An important element to factor in when thinking about doing renovations is the health of your plumbing. While it's difficult to fully understand the complexities of what goes on in your plumbing, it's important to note any slight differences in its functioning. Plumbing issues can end up being more costly and time-inefficient if it leads to major damage in the home. Damage could lead to leaks, flooding and clogged pipes. If you notice any issues with your plumbing, this may be the perfect opportunity to renovate your bathroom in the process.

6. Improve Energy Efficiency

The average daily water usage in Australia is approximately 340 litres per person or 900 litres per household, with about 65% of that water being used in the bathroom. Being environmentally responsible has become such an important factor when it comes to making choices for redesigning and renovating your home. With the benefits of saving the environment, often, choosing the more energy efficient and environmentally friendly alternative can be more cost-effective in the long term. When deciding to renovate your bathroom, it's a good idea to include energy efficient upgrades where possible.

Bathroom renovations are always a good idea - whether you're looking to touch up a couple of minor issues with your faucet, handle a few bigger problems with your shower or toilet, or to simply just spruce up the feel of the room to entertain guests, bathroom renovations can do just that. Despite the somewhat intimidating upfront costs, bathroom renovations give you an opportunity to improve the functionality of your bathroom as a whole, or to transform its look.

If you have any questions in relation to this or have other symptoms that you wish to have clarified with an expert please contact us  or call 1300 00 57 47 to discuss options for a bathroom renovation.

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