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Fix A Leaking Shower Without Removing Tiles

Whenever we think about bathroom repairs we generally think that the fix is going to be costly however this is not always the case. The perfect example is when you have a leaking shower that needs repairs. We have previously covered this topic in terms of diagnosing a leaking shower and reviewed the shower components which could be contributing to a shower leak. In this post we are going to take a closer look at our area of expertise which is fixing a shower without removing tiles.

How Do Shower Leaks Occur?

Shower leaks occur when water finds its way through grout and porous tiles. This can happen when there is a break in the surface or by soaking through. The waterproofed membrane below is designed to catch water however can be prone to failure if not waterproofed professionally. If a leaking shower is left unchecked and the membrane fails, structural damage to the surrounding area is highly likely to occur. Providing you get on the case early, you can save time and money by fixing your leaking shower with out removing tiles. This can save you a lot more money by preventing the water from causing much more severe structural damage to the surrounding.

Fixing the Shower Leak With Ease

Here at SCR Melbourne, using our very own flexible epoxy grout sealant, we have our own specialised method for successfully resealing the shower without the need to remove tiles. Our sealant will penetrate the substrate surface and chemically bond to that surface sealing the shower and preventing ongoing leakage. The benefit of using a flexible epoxy grout sealant is that the sealant will accomodate building movement meaning that the repair is designed to last rather than it be a stop gap measure.

The process involves de-grouting the shower base followed by a thorough clean and drying out of the affected area. Importantly, the sealant can be tinted to a selection of colours and shades making it easy to match the existing grout in the shower. Your shower will have a completely refreshed look and most importantly, be leak free and ready to use the very next day.

If you have any questions in relation to how we can fix your leaking shower without removing tiles please contact us  or call 1300 00 57 47.

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