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Special Offer to all SCR Melbourne customers when that you mention you have read this blog!

Flexible Epoxy Grouts are a far more advanced and superior product than just your normal grout. A bag of grout costs approximately $20 but a tub of 2x flexible epoxy is around $280 a kit.

Normal grout is porous and therefore allows water and also harsh chemicals or juices to penetrate into it causing permanent stains. Consequently, if bleach products are used when cleaning grout, it can breakdown the ingredients of grout and can then reduce the strength and repellent capacity of the grout

From July 2017 if you mention this blog, SCR Melbourne will only apply our flexible epoxy grouts instead of a normal grout when tiling your bathroom floors and balconies at no extra cost.

Not only will this grout last 5x times longer than normal grout but it will also be much easier to clean as it is not porous, hence why epoxy is used to grouting inside swimming pools.

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