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Leaking Shower Repairs

Leaking showers and leaking bathrooms, if left unchecked can cause serious damage to your home. Cracked and missing tiles or grout of any kind will allow water direct access to your membrane and can cause major and costly damage. You may only have a small crack but it can be very effective in causing long-term damage and dampness throughout. For most of our clients, we can fix their leaking shower and leaking bathroom without having to remove any tiles. A standard SCR service to a leaking shower generally takes 2.5-3hrs and leaves your refreshed shower ready to use the very next day!

Leaking Shower Services

  • Pressure testing
  • Tap Servicing
  • Tile removal and Repairs or Full Shower Tiling
  • Re-grouting of the shower, using Grout or SCRs Flexible-Epoxy Grout
  • Industrial waterproof seals
  • Sealing grout and tiles
  • Re-sheeting
  • Laying waterproof membranes
  • Removal of mould and fungal growth
  • Tanking and Screeding to correct drainage outlet
  • New Polymarble Base installation
  • Plumbing


Common Causes and Signs of a Leaking Shower

  • Cracked tiles and missing tiles in a shower indicate movement and damage to the substrate.
  • The presence of loose or hollow 'drummy' sounding tiles is also a serious sign of a leaking shower, as this means your tiles are not adhering to the adhesives below, and allowing space for water to pool.
  • Faulty tiling in a shower can leave your perimeter joints exposed and allow water access to your surrounding walls and floor.
  • Cracked grout, and missing grout of any kind is a sure sign of a leaking shower and will allow water direct access to your membrane and can cause major and costly damage.
  • Split membrane or damaged membrane can cause your leaking shower to allow water to penetrate through to walls and floor resulting in major damage.
  • Split Seals or mouldy seals will also allow water access to perimeter walls and floor.
  • If water has penetrated below your tiles due to a leaking shower, then this can cause the flooring and wall skirting to swell and cause mouldy or damp smelling patches on your walls or ceiling.
  • To learn more about how to diagnose a leaking shower click here.

The SCR Process

  1. Carefully remove damaged tiles, plaster sheeting or render from the affected areas of your shower walls.
  2. Re-sheet or render walls utilising high quality water resistant villaboard or re-render to your walls.
  3. Our certified & licensed waterproofers and tilers can then apply the relevant waterproof membrane and polycloth bandage applicable to your job in accordance with the Australian standards(AS 3740 2006 & AS 4858 2004) requirements for residential and commercial waterproofing.
  4. We can then retile your shower to meet your needs, incorporating the latest trends and designs SCR will aim to keep your home neat and tidy throughout the operational process.
  5. When sealing showers correctly it is important to ensure there are no reoccurrences of your leak. We grout and seal all of our showers with high quality grouts (Epoxy Grouts in most cases) and using a combination of waterproof additives and hardeners.
  6. Finally; by selecting SCR you're getting an ethical company where the Director is an actual tradesman not a salesman and has had hands on knowledge problem solving for over 35yrs. Get the advice and the job you deserve!

Want to Avoid a Complete Retile of the Shower

SCR Flexible Epoxy Sealing

The SCR Flexi Epoxy Grout sealant is a two part epoxy resin that can be tinted to a selection of colours and shades, and can used in many different applications. It is the perfect remedy for those on a lower budget and as an alternative of a completely new retile of the shower. This falls in line with a smaller type repair, where the pulling up of tiles is not in the budget.

Using our very own specialised method, SCR has built a reputation in successfully using an epoxy sealing resin to repair leaking showers without the removal of tiles. This includes de-grouting the shower base then cleaning and drying out any damp with heat guns including the grout joints in preparation for our SCR Flexi epoxy treatment. Once that process is complete its a matter of applying the epoxy treatment and you will be left with a fully functional shower area without the previous leakage.

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For most of our clients we can fix their shower and bathroom leaks without having to remove any tiles

A standard leaking shower repair generally takes only 2/5 hrs and leaves your refreshed shower ready to use the very next day.



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