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Melbourne Marble Repairs & Restoration

One of the most commonly damaged natural stones in the household is marble, especially marble bench tops. At SCR we offer high quality marble repair services including:

Marble Polishing

A five part process involving grinding, honing, polishing and buffing and sealing the marble. Over time marble can often be scratched and stained as a result of usage. In the case of marble flooring, subfloor movement or poor installation can create lippage with tile movement. The first part of the polishing process invovles grinding back all ledges and roughness of the marble surface. The next stage is the honing stage which removes any scratches and stains. The honing process will also enhance the smoothness and shine of the marble. Once the honing process is complete we will polish the marble to give it the shining effect. Following this we will buff the marble where we treat the marble with special chemicals that bring out the mirror like effect in the stone itself. The final stage involves sealing the marble to extend the life of the stone itself.

Marble Cleaning

Our professionals understand and appreciate that every piece of marble has its distinct characteristics and requires specialist care and attention. Marble is a natural, porous stone that is prone to scratching and staining. As a consequence, the surface absorbs liquids and oils which can be difficult to clean. If you have found that your marble is fading, has the appearance of scratches, damage or dirt as a result of exposure then your marble will be due for a clean. Whilst you are able to clean marble yourself, professional cleaners utilise machines to enhance and restore the marble. The stone can be ruined very easily if you are not careful. We have the expertise and experience to maximise the life of your marble.

Marble Repair

Marble can get chipped, crack or be stained over time. When repairing the marble much of the quality of the repair lies in the preparation work itself. We take the time ensure the area is clean and then depending on the nature of the repair take the appropriate course of action to treat the stone. Using the latest technology epoxies and adhesives we aim to return your stone to the best possible condition.

Marble Sealing & Marble Restoration Melbourne 

When restoring marble we will initially remove all wax and topical coatings that are on the marble surface use natural stone cleaners and machines. We will also focus on intensively treating and cleaning the grout (where applicable) during this process. Upon completing this stage we will polish the stone unless the marble itself is notably scratched. In the case that there are scratches we will grind these scratches out to ensure when we polish the surface the marble has a soft and smooth feeling to it. Once we have completed the polish we will seal the marble to ensure that we maximise the life of the marble surface.

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