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Sealing Natural Stone Showers & Maintenance Guidelines

Natural stone showers are a cut above the rest when it comes to selecting the perfect finish. Not only are they elegant, they are easy to clean and can last a lifetime. In order to extend the life of natural stone it is essential that the stone is sealed.

Sealing the stone will give it the best protection against dirt, grime and stains as well as making the stone much easier to clean. This shouldn't come as any surprise when we consider the high exposure to shampoos, soaps, beauty care products and water in the shower area.

By sealing the natural stone a barrier is created between the stone and the liquids and chemicals that could damage the stone. Sealing the stone will also keep the stone free from bacteria.

To properly seal the stone, preparing the area by thoroughly cleaning and drying the tiles is essential. Then once a stone sealer is applied it must be immediately buffed into the stone. Any sealing will last up to 10 years providing it is done properly.

To maximise the quality of your natural stone shower we also recommend following these simple maintenance steps to ensure that you get the most out of your natural stone shower.

1. Clean The Shower Weekly

Use stone-safe cleaning products to remove mildew, scum, grime and water deposits from the natural tiles. Ensure that you use a non-acidic product designed for natural stone. Using common bathroom or household cleaning products generally contain ammonia or acids that can cause permanent damage to the stone tile. The non acid natural stone sealer that we use and recommend is the GERMAN Natural Stone Lithofin Sealer Collection. They are neutral PH balanced and alkaline based.

2. Remove Excess Water After Every Shower

Natural stone that is constantly wet can lead to  mould and mildew build up. Removing excess water on the walls will help to deal this problem along with dealing with water spots and the dulling of the stone itself.

3. Don't Forget About The Grout

Cleaning the natural stone is one thing however the grout between the tiles will also need attention. Using a toothbrush or a non abrasive stone-safe grout cleaner to help lift the grime. Simply rinse with water and dry the grout with a dry towel. We recommend sealing the grout to maximise your protection

For further information about sealing your natural stone shower or any advice in relation to natural stone care or leaks call 1300 00 57 47.
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