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Waterproofing Showers & Balconies

SCR Melbourne provides the very best the market has to offer in waterproofing. Ensure that your shower and balcony waterproofing is done with Melbourne's trusted waterproofing specialists for all wet areas, including the latest 2x part membranes.

We provide both residential and commercial waterproof membranes, Flexible Epoxy Membranes, 2x part and Trafficable Waterproof Membranes and Torch-on bitumen membranes for both commercial and residential clients. We can waterproof leaking balconies and leaking showers before re-tiling, apply trafficable membranes to outdoor areas and rooftops, apply membranes and epoxy waterproof seals to pool and pond areas as well as Garden Planter Boxes.

If you have an area that requires waterproofing, then SCR can help, call us now 1300 00 57 47.

SCR Waterproofing & Membrane Services

The Director Fergus Lagan is a Fully Certified Waterproofer and a Qualified Waterproofing Instructor. All SCR jobs are done to Australian Standards AS3740 and come with an SCR Waterproofing Certificate.

  • Below-tile Waterproof Balcony Membranes

    Bathroom waterproof membranes | SCR Melbourne

Membranes are an essential part of ensuring a background is securely waterproofed before tiling, be it for a shower, balcony or a flower/ planter-box display.

SCR can screed your balcony or shower base to ensure that water drains off correctly before our waterproof membranes are applied. This will ensure water does not pool and weaken your membrane once applied.

After SCR has re-sheeted and/or applied a screed to an area we apply two coats of our Industrial strength waterproof membrane and allow it to cure. In between coats of waterproof membrane, SCR applies a waterproof polyfiber cloth to all main junction joints 80-100mm up the wall between the adjoining floor and walls.

  • Waterproof Grout and Seals

SCR always grouts your tiled areas using an appropriate mix of grout and waterproof additives. Industrial waterproof polyurethane seals are applied to all main junction joints once the area has been tiled, keeping the joints watertight but allowing for movement.

  • Fiberglass Trafficable Membranes

SCR can also apply Trafficable Waterproof membranes for areas not being tiled. This is where shredded fiberglass matting is embedded into the waterproof membrane between coats to strengthen the membrane to allow for traffic. This application is suitable for rooftops and low-traffice balconies or terraces.

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